Product Description

Archival inks, 100% cotton acid-free paper, 100% acid-free matboard, 100% wood + metal (no fabrications), and the latest printing technologies; we are only about quality. Our product type descriptions below.

Giclee Print.

These awesome art prints are created using a sophisticated + patented printing process known as "giclee," from the French term "to spray." Using the highest levels of precision available, the process delivers a fine stream of ink to saturate the fibers of the watercolor/cotton paper; end result is a pure, color-rich, and remarkable detailed print - favored by Museums + galleries around the world.

Limited Edition Print.

Limited to a one-time printing of a certain limited number of art pieces - making the prints collectible works of art. A certificate of authenticity that includes artist signature, art piece number, the edition number accompanies the print.

Hand-painted Art.

Original art - Painted. Drawn. Brushed. Created by a single artist from start-to-finish. Hand-painted originals arrive to you fully finished and ready-to-hang in your home or office. With the nature of original artwork- there will be unique variations from one piece-to-another.


AKA as silk screening, serigraphy - a process by which multiple layers of ink are manually pressed through fine screens, resulting in a bold and vibrant paint-like layer of ink on an art print of gallery quality.

Premium Giclee Print.

An upgrade from the standard giclée print - exceptional art prints feature thick watercolor/cotton paper (340 gsm) made from alpha-cellulous wood pulp that is acid + lignin free. Prints are created using a sophisticated + patented digital printing process known as "giclée," from the French term "to spray." Using the highest levels of precision available - process delivers a fine stream of ink to saturate the paper's fibers, resulting in pure, color-rich + realistic details that is favored by museums + galleries around the world.


A lithograph is created using a printing technique uses oil-based ink or a grease crayon, an image is drawn on a flat stone or metal plate. Water is applied to the surface and is repelled[pushed away] by the areas where oil-based images have been drawn. Then entire surface is coated with an oil-based ink that affixes only to areas drawn in oil, ink or crayon. Image is printed on paper. Lithography is a popular printing technique - because thousands of exact replicas can be made that are like drawings on paper, without degradation of the image. an industrialized printing version of lithography is Lithograph Offset.

Premium Photographic Print.

Premium photographic print features high-gloss premium photographic paper. Resulting in a unique silver pearl finish with stunning visual impact and depth. Our photographic prints leverage sophisticated digital technology to capture a level of detail that is absolutely remarkable. The colors are vivid and pure.

Art Print.

Our Offset lithography printing press gives fine art prints its vivid and sharp colors + appearance. Standardized printing plates + proofing process ensures each print displays all colors exactly as the artist intended. Our high-quality reproductions are coated with a silken finish that protects the inks and creates an elegant look on 100% cotton acid-free paper. art prints allow you to display the artwork you love without paying the high price of an original. They are versatile, high quality, and affordable.

Framed Art Print.

We have pre-selected frame and mat combinations to compliment selected art prints. Chosen by in-house designer. We use only the finest materials, your framed art will be custom built upon order by our team of expert artisans in our location in New York.

Framed Canvas Print.

We stretch artist-grade-acid-free canvas with cleanly wrapped and painted sides. We finish it with a protective UV coating + suspend in an individually custom-made float frame. Made in New York..

Stretched Canvas Print.

Stretched canvas prints - created with a sophisticated digital printing technology that prints the image directly onto an artist-grade, 100% cotton canvas. Then canvas is expertly stretched around 1.5" wooden bars + carefully finished with hand-painted edges. Acrylic coating protects the stunning giclee print from dust, moisture, + fading.

Photographic Print.

Photographic prints - digital technology that capture stunning details. The colors are vivid + pure. The high-quality archival paper has a refined luster.