James Mayfield is a recognized pastel artist residing in New York, who is self-taught. James has researched and studied the work and techniques of accomplished oil and acrylic painters of the past and the present, paying special attention to their use of light. A frequent patron at local and national art shows, festivals, and art galleries James hones his craft at every turn.

Although he has worked in both oil and acrylic, pastels are what he loves.  His work constitutes a variety of pastel figures and landscapes with use of the light, color, and negative space to create an emotional connection with the viewer within the artwork. The immediacy of pastels and the layering works well for me. I enjoy working in pastel versus oil because you can blend and mix colors at will or by accident.” The excitement of this accidental and purposeful attack on the paper is what drives the artist to create memorable works.

Some people associate pastels with muted colors, but in James’ paintings the colors explode off the paper with vibrant and bold expressions. His art is represented in a medley of works, with his most recent emphasis on figurative flamenco dancing and Spanish bullfighting done in both contemporary and traditional representations.

Almost exclusively, James does not work from photographs or models. He uses visuals captured in his mind from the scenes, people, scents, sounds and conversations heard in his daily travels throughout "The city that never sleeps."

“There is something special about projecting the mood of a moment on to paper and watch people feel it.”

Dancers In Flight by James Mayfield
Photo Print Paper - Matte
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